The Universal Manager – unable to hold his organization together through his Divine Will ?

Divine resolve is always true resolve. Remember there is nothing that divine power cannot accomplish. It can transmute earth into sky and sky into earth. To doubt this is to prove that you are too weak to grasp great things, the grandeur of the universe.

Let me tell you one more thing: Nothing can impede or halt the work of this Avathaara… Formerly when the Govardhanagiri (mountain) was raised aloft by a little boy, the gopis and gopalas realised that Krishna was the Lord. Now, it is not one Govardhanagiri , a whole range will be lifted, you will see!”

I find these quotes very amusing. Sathya Sai Baba could do everything except what was really needed !!

Even if one were to appreciate the intentions of doing good work,  what was preposterous, were his tall claims about each and everything and then attributing everything to himself or to Divinity in general. This deep attachment to his own name was the root cause of all chaos.

To the declining water levels in his own village, he told people that declining Dharma was the cause of declining water levels. Interestingly his birth (he being the embodiment of Dharma) also did not help increase the water levels! He had no Divine solution for the issue of  flourosis.  Several villagers were afflicted with flourosis that deformed their bones and crippled them.

Rayalseema  Flourosisfluorosis_victims

Similarly several challenges in his own organization right under his nose were equally surprising to see, especially people politics that I describe fully below.

If one is suffering from piles, the solution would be to take medicine, exercise regularly, modify one’s diet or something else. What is the use in asking the person to chant Rama’s name for a piles issue? What if Rama also suffered from the same problem? These type of non-sensical teachings to the common man certainly did not behoove an Avatar !! Of course, these were non-sense to the people listening to these discourses, but not to Sathya Sai Baba himself. He used such mechanisms to help his numbers game.

While working at SSSIHMS, I recall my sister constantly pouring out her work related challenges to me whenever I visited her over weekends. She described all of the politics at her work place and almost always out of desperation had added that Swami will take care of all such crooked people, since he was the one who established Dharma! Little did the poor girl know, that her Swami, was the politician of all politicians ! The crook among all crooks ! Come to think of it, if one needs to get politicians to fall at one’s feet, one needs to be a politician of the top order. Is it not so?

My sister mentioned in detail how there was always friction between various groups in the hospital and also rest of the SSSO staff all around. For e.g. –  between North Indians and South Indians, between the Telugu speaking ones and the Tamil speaking ones e.t.c. And each of these staffers were those who diligently greeted you Sairam ! But fought like dogs at the workplace (exactly the way she put it)

All of these staff members, ALL of them, had very bad lives losing their near and dear ones to accidents, divorces e.t.c and this somewhere added to their bad behavior arising out of deep frustration. Interestingly, this behavior was something any normal person would exhibit, but perhaps not expected from so called people on the spiritual path (who are actually abnormal in my opinion!)

At the darshan lines, there was always a fight around who should sit in the first line including recommendations around that, who donated more money, who was closer to whom e.t.c. The other amusing aspect of these cat fights was that the folks involved cleverly used Sai Baba’s teachings to highlight that the other person was at fault. For e.g. – by telling the other person to remove his ego, that it was bad for his spiritual advancement e.t.c !! My mother and sister almost always came out of the Darshan hall each evening describing the ladies side of the fights which was even worse to hear!! And then the jealousies and festering around the trinkets that Swami gave to one and not to another !! And which Sai family was richer than ours and why so – type of discussions !!

If there were ruptures around work or place or position on one side, I also saw ruptures around the other side – that of the degree of work – who was working more, who was doing more seva and who was not working at all !

My point in recounting all of the above is in the context of the recent news highlighting the friction between Sai Baba camps at Put-apart-the-i and Mud-den-halli which are hardly 60 miles apart !!

How Sai devotees fight like dogs is evident from this facebook page, which is called Sai Bliss !! Not sure who gets bliss even seeing this page.

Also Couple of videos below

In another video, Prof Anil Kumar answers questions from Russian devotees regarding miracles at Muddenahalli.  He responds saying that in Muddenahalli the miracles are only being published to attract devotees!

This friction between the camps is now news to several people. But not so for several of us who have seen through the organization and its entire setup. In fact, this was bound to happen.

Each individual needs credit for the work he does. He needs identity and recognition. He needs respect and reward, a reward being as simple as a pat on the back and freedom to drive things his own way as long as the goal is the same. Sathya Sai Baba never setup his organization to allow this. Wherever his followers did work, they needed to attach his name and say that all this was done by Swami, not them.

When such an individual who has toiled all his life, looks back at the end of his life, he will have a hollow feeling deep within. Whatever happened to all the struggles? And that too through all sorts of crap like politics e.t.c. How is it that the good work done by the individual , is done by Swami, but their bad actions attract karma?

It is when such a realization dawns, things such as this (deep organizational schisms) follow.

If his organization in Puttaparthi alone was in chaos despite all of them considering him as Lord and master, imagine how deeply flawed was Sai Baba’s vision of the whole world falling at his feet, and then dancing in unity.

This highlights the importance of a teacher who can teach in a manner where followers practice the teachings and have no need for (and therefore can forget) the teacher, rather than forget the teachings in the name of the teacher, as is true of the Sai cult. Only a selfless teacher who has no attachment to his own name and form can deliver such pure teachings.

So long as there is attachment to a particular name, and withholding of the credit that people deserve,  chaos is inevitable.

See my earlier posts, on Man Management and the Golden Age

Prashanti Nilayam – Now Sathya Sai Baba’s graveyard?

A visitor to Prashanti Nilayam told me that the place has been reduced to nothing more than a graveyard wearing a deserted look.

This is quite an appropriate sequel for the earlier show of Lord Shiva and flowing Vibhuti, since Lord Shiva is known to have roamed graveyards, slept in ashes and earned himself the title of Smashana Vaasi (resident of graveyard)

Given this situation, efforts are on to promote Prashanti Nilayam as a destination for people to visit and also make the place more livelier through activities such as Sports for the Youth e.t.c.

This is quite in contrast to what Sathya Sai Baba used to tell people – which is that since he is omnipresent, and therefore “present in you, above you, below you, in front of  you”……there is no need to travel long distances wasting money to visit him at Prashanti Nilayam.

In this video, Prof.Anil Kumar suggests various reasons for coming to Prasanthi, how things are quite different in the present days compared to the past and how a devotee should adapt to this change. He also lays emphasis on strengthening the Sai movement, Youth in particular, with some key suggestions to all.

Anil Kumar requests folks who are disinterested in Bhajans to better stay at home and not come and spread negative vibrations instead.

He answers the questions of why one must still go to Prashanti Nilayam when Sathya Sai Baba does not exist to take letters and give his blessings and then what remains in the Samadhi that one must pay a visit to ….

Anil Kumar answers by saying people go to Shirdi for Samadhi, Mosques for Samadhi, Bodh Gaya for Samadhi, Gurudwara for Samadhi, Tirupati for Venkateswara also a stone idol, Church for Samadhi…..and asks what is there in those Samadhis is also equally there at Prashanti Nilayam as well (so this some competition with his earlier incarnation at Shirdi as well) !!! He says the vibrations from the body of these saints will have positive effects.

Comment: What more can be greater hypocrisy than this? All his life Sai Baba told his followers that there was no need to change their existing names and forms of worship, since all these names and forms belonged to him. Now this new explanation essentially means the reverse OR it only shows the deep seated attachment to his own name and form. All his life Sai Baba told his followers that the fountain of joy is within them, but that they were searching for it outside….and now looks like after his death, the fountain within people has turned off and has instead sprung at this grave for people to come and tap into it

He asks how can one say that Swami is not there, since if one is alive, Swami is also alive, since Swami is inside one and all……!!

Comment : What a crisp and clear teaching this is ? So Swami is inside you, but still you need to go to Prashanti Nilayam and  not to Tirupati, Church,  Mosque or Gurudwaras….to get the vibrations from the place which do not exist elsewhere although Swami is omnipresent…!!!!

To the next question, what are the changes in Prashanti Nilayam and are there sufficient crowds now, Anil Kumar answers by telling people to go to political meetings if they want crowds….He says crowd mentality and mob psychology are animal psychology…like all sheep, birds and monkeys..

To the question of Sai organization then and now, Anil Kumar says – earlier it was that of love, devotion and service and now love is disappearing,  devotion is declining, and the people are fighting for positions, VIP positions….better it is not discussed….

Comment: Why blame the common men who fight for petty positions, when the Lord all through his life fought for his own position as God and for which he was able to carry out ANY ACTION in order to accomplish his goal? And regarding declining devotion, is it a surprise? Where there is usage of smartness, brilliance, “I am superior to you”, “you do not matter, he is the doer not you”, “you are only a puppet” – type of attitude, devotion is bound to decline.

And then regarding people wanting to go out elsewhere….he then says people do not need to go anywhere since God is everywhere !!! And then in order to contain the folks from getting out of Prashanti Nilayam, he adds saying what is not in Prashanti Nilayam is not there anywhere in the world.

And then in an effort to make things interesting and non depressing, he says if not bhajans, then let the youth play….in the name of Swami !! He says Swami started Sports centre and so suggests to begin Sathya Sai Youth Festivals…..he says Life is a celebration…life is not torture, punishment….

Comments –

In Shankaracharya’s Bhaja Govindham, there is a stanza, which says –

baalastaavatkriidaasaktah, tarunastaavattaruniisaktah, vriddhastaavachchintaasaktah, pare brahmani koapi na saktah

 Translation – A Child is interested in playing. A Youth is interested in the opposite sex.  The Old are interested in worry. But there is no one interested in God.

So now, looks like the Lord’s company has realized the universal truth which is that – the interests of people at various stages of life is indeed what life is all about ! Life is not about chanting the name of Rama or greeting each other Sai Ram instead of Hello. Sai Baba and his minions after having ill-treated and bad mouthed those rarest of the rare who were truly truth seekers endowed with sincerity and hard work by calling them Judases e.t.c., are now getting people interested in sports and other activities, since the Lord bored the hell out of people with repetitive and drab discourses and everything attributed to his Lotus feet. Very soon, I am certain, that Sathya Sai Baba’s mandir will be graced by Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities in order to add some oomph factor as well into the show !!

Looks like Sathya Sai Baba has trained Anil Kumar thoroughly in the school of contradictory teachings. But one must be keen enough to “get” the summary of all this…..Whatever one does must be in the Sathya Sai Baba’s name….so that his glory increases….this one must do although he himself is not interested because Swami is interested in the furthering of his Name….

All Religions are one and the same? – Theory and Practice

Quoting Sathya Sai Baba below —


Let the different faiths exist, let them flourish, let the glory of God be sung in all languages in a variety of tunes. That should be the ideal. Respect the differences between the faiths and recognize them as valid so far as they do not extinguish the flame of unity.
Should each person live the ideals propounded by the founders of his religion, unaffected by greed or hate, then the world will be a happy and peaceful habitation for man.
Honor all religions. Each is a pathway to God. That is the right way of life.


And now with respect to below facebook messaging between an SSSO affiliate?  Yashwant Kumar  sent to Mohan Bhagwat of RSS, asking Mr Bhagwat to not give any speeches on Hindutva, since the Hindutva wave in India is due to the Divine Will of Sathya Sai Baba? Which means he is the one who is responsible for the Hindutva forces gaining strength under the BJP?

And this implies that Sathya Sai Baba’s earlier preaching (reproduced above) of all faiths existing together was false and hypocritical?

Yashwant Kumar further mentions – “the time has come now for all cadres of  RSS, BJP & Sangh Family members to interact with Sathya Sai Seva organizations all over India” and also that “one of the devotees had a vision of Sai Baba in which he declared his love for the RSS”

Mr.Bhagwat had recently said Mother Teresa provided service to the poor but her motive was to convert them into Christianity, leading to a great uproar from all sides.

Does Sai Baba’s love for RSS, mean he would endorse Mr Bhagwat’s remarks?

In which case, was not Sathya Sai Baba’s motive similar –  That of serving the poor and putting up an altruistic and secular front in order to convert noble, good and service oriented people from all religions across the world into the Sai fold ?

The RSS and SSSO - A Nexus in the Pipeline?

The RSS and SSSO – A Nexus in the Pipeline?


The leaders of VHP  such as Ashok Singhal already at the feet of the Divine Lord.

Man Management by Sathya Sai Baba

Further to my earlier posts on how Sathya Sai Baba used faithful devotees to get work done and also on the usage of the good and bad elements of society with equal flair

Here is an excerpt from the preface of a Sai Publication book titled Man Management.

I will encourage people to buy it and read it front to back…to understand how his Divinity thought….about himself, about others, about getting work done e.t.c.

Of all the 6 M’s of management, viz. men, money, materials, machines, methods and markets, men (symbolising human beings) are the most important factor, for it is the human resources of an organisation that determine the effective utilization of the remaining five M’s. Baba says, “Men are more valuable than all the wealth of the world.” He characterizes management as ‘Man Management’ and as such, He fondly refers to the management programme as ‘Master of Man Management’ (MMM), in lieu of Master of Business Administration (MBA). At the time of inaugurating the Institute, Baba had said, “This Institute has not been established just to prepare you (students) for earning degrees. Its main purpose is to help you cultivate Self-knowledge and Self-confidence so that each one of you can learn self-sacrifice and earn Self-realisation.” Likewise, the mission of the MBA programme at the Institute is ‘to develop dedicated, dynamic, professionally sound and socially responsible leaders of wholesome and balanced personality; academically equipped as well as spiritually aware, who embody noble values, and above all, possess a right and positive attitude with an unblemished character.’

“Men are more valuable than all the wealth of the world.”

Any why not? So fond of people and their usage was Sathya Sai Baba, that he wanted to call the course as MMM – Master of Man Management, rather than MBA – Master of Business Administration.

Sathya Sai Baba was also known as a people’s man.He made a statement that without God, Man is a Zero, so the real Hero was God (himself). He likened this to God being the digit 1 and all men being 000 s…
The reality was that without devotees, there can be no God. Sathya Sai Baba sang in Telugu ..

“Daivadeenam Jagatsarvam…”

“Divinity is the basis of the Whole universe..”

But he forgot, that devotees are the basis of this very Divinity or “Bhaktadeenam Daivatwam….”

A person who has put their faith in another blindly is Greater than God. How dare he betray this faith and trust?

Of course to continue to get work done, Sathya Sai Baba told his devotees that He and they were one and the same, just different bodies but the same spirit. These messages were all theoretical only, empty and hollow. They had no real meaning and were meant to convince people.

So I would like to propose my name (a former devotee and just another body – same spirit) on all his social service activities and institutions – How about “Srikanth Uppuluri Institute of Higher Education” ? Would he put my name on his work? No way…forget about my name…what about the names of Dr Sudhir Bhaskar or Joga Rao ? Can he call his Business School as Dr Sudhir Bhaskar School of Business or Joga Rao Drinking Water Project ??

No No…what about fame and name…what about the Avatar….THIS IS SELFLESSNESS ? LOVE from TIP TO TOE ??

The Avatar was born exclusively for this….Putting his name wherever possible, children’s names, institutes, buses, trains, railway stations – everywhere except people’s rears (..not sure of even that though)

Without a devotee following him, no God or God man can find his foundation.

It is these very devotees whose lives he ripped apart and then also further ill-treated to get work done.

Sathya Sai Baba was also great at speaking behind people’s backs, also those who worked for him. He once mumbled loudly in front of the people referring to Dr Safaya as – “he comes, eats, sits and goes….” basically to say he did nothing for the organization…

Similarly, after Abdul Kalam visited him and left, he told the audience – “look he is supposed to be the President of India, what is he doing for the nation?”

All these are obviously edited and deleted content….one would never find them anywhere…

I have willed to deliver the karmic consequence to ALL GODS and GOD-MEN in general who use the ignorance of their followers to setup ashrams and institutions in their names and deliver hypocritical messages to the world. They then do amazing amount of PR through celebrities and politicians to put an appearance of Divine Teachers with Universal messages.

The true universal message will be delivered by this Srikanth Uppuluri….the world can have faith in this Brahmana and await the same….a Brahmana is one who is Brahma-Gyna – or Brahman Jaanati ..Iti Brahmana.. the one who knows Brahma……I know not only Brahma but his FATHER as well….when truth is so clearly visible to this eye…what is the confusion?….I will establish Truth….After all as Sai Baba said…Truth is One…Not two…

My Parents – the real Gods and the True Dharmatmas


My Parents – Victims of Sathya Sai Baba’s atrocities

As part of the exercise of penning various stories by early devotees regarding Sathya Sai Baba – and all of this orchestrated by the Liar of Liars Sai Baba himself – there was great focus to highlight the various struggles of Sathya Sai Baba’s early life and the hardships he faced such as his adversity  – putting his shirt together using thorns, getting tortured by his family members who believed he was possessed by evil spirits e.t.c,

There is however little mention of any of the struggles the devotees and their families themselves went through given that the mere association with Sathya Sai Baba and his usage of manipulative techniques to get work done was enough to cause Ashanti or lack of peace, conflicts in the households, deaths and divorces in the families and to top it all a dose of his philosophy attempting to rationalize away their sorrows.

Sathya Sai Baba attempted  to use the services of my family members for his glorification. With this as the goal, he interfered in matters deeply personal to the family and saw it through that my sister was divorced as a first step. He began using her services at his hospital and had her admit her son into his school (with a long term plan of programming and using him as well). In most Indian families, due to the deep emotional connects and culture, the other family members jump in in order to support a family member in a personal crisis. And this support is not merely financial or emotional or verbal, but it is in all ways that the rest of the family provides supports. With my sister working at the hospital, the family now frequented Puttaparthi and this gradually led to programming of even my parents due to the atmosphere there that Sai Baba was the new Age Rama, Krishna e.t.c…..Naive as all of them were, they really could not understand the whole puzzle. My sister always told me that Sai Baba was helping the family get over some past karmic balance. The puzzle of course needed my reasoning abilities at work which became possible after I actually visited and served right there in the place.

Below I describe the struggles of my parents in their lifetime. It is not just my own parents but several other parents from noble backgrounds who go through life’s struggles only to be cheated by God men such as Sai Baba. Some are cheated of their life’s savings, some are robbed of their children to serve these Godmen and some are cheated of their entire lifetime itself.  A life of Goodness is only full of struggles. Goodness itself is a constraint for accomplishment, success and a good life, since it hands down rules of do’s and don’t’s. These noble people such as my parents struggled through all these adversities within the framework of goodness only to get deceived by scoundrels at the end of their lives – who teach a  new philosophy that good and bad are one and same, they are the two sides of a coin e.t.c. Sathya Sai Baba’s perceived accomplishments were based on this principle, that is use good and bad to earn a name for yourself in the world stage.

My father lost his mother at the young age of twelve and grew up in adversity. His father was an orthodox brahmin always involved in rituals and the like and as such there was little involvement with respect to his children’s upbringing. My father spent his young days in the homes of near and far off relatives, swallowing a number of abuses, and hardly getting a meal a day. He walked miles to his school on bare foot and had 2 pairs of clothes that he washed himself. As he completed education and engaged in a profession, he learnt to cook and cooked for himself for years until he married, so much so that he is an excellent cook today.During all festivals even such as the noisy Deepavali, instead of any form of ostentatious celebrations and socializing, my parents who were highly ritualistic, spent most of the day in worship, observing fasts throughout the day. My mother always believed in kindness, compassion and service to people as the highest form of worship. I can today call my father as a truly successful man who despite his financial and physical hardships never swerved away from the righteous path. This is completely unlike Sathya Sai Baba who used any and every method to succeed – good or bad and also used philosophy to rationalize this approach. He never let any vices come near him.  Life’s hardships taught him to be extremely careful with regard to spending. He did not spend even a rupee to have a cup of tea outside of the house. At the same time, he invested every rupee in his children’s education and their upbringing as he wanted them to not go through similar struggles

But that was not to be. Just as when my parents thought their children were well educated and settling down a street dog called Sathya Sai Baba barked in front of my parents door step.  Sathya Sai Baba targetted such very families because people from these families were great candidates to work for his organization. They would never act in ways that could potentially bring disgrace to him or his organization, since he had to “pose” himself as an embodiment of Dharma which he was far from being. In order to hire these people and also retain them for years, he used such methods as deaths and divorces to permanently retain the families at his institutions. Latching on to these true Dharmatmas, getting work done, he earned a good name for himself as a preacher and spiritual leader whose message was only love and peace. So much so that these true heroes and their sacrifices are forgotten in the annals of history. It is only Sathya Sai Baba’s name that people know of today. Not a single celebrity who is a follower of him for Showcase purposes will ever realize this truth. They will in fact parrot his hypocritic message of Love All and Serve All and that he was a noble man.  No one asked from where did Sai Baba get his money? Who performed the service activities? Who executed his water projects? Even if the entire world were to agree that Sai Baba was a man of virtues and a noble person, my reaction would only be a smile and sympathy for their ignorant state.

Hence it is my firm resolve to restore TRUE DHARMA. The name of my parents will shine through my efforts. The Sincere Work of the True Dharmatmas such as my parents will be rewarded. Sathya Sai Baba’s mission was a failure, But my mission will succeed for it is based on values and principles and most importantly it is based on Work and not swindling. My mission will expose All Godmen in this country, remove the veil of Maya and show to blinded followers the nature of the men and women they follow even at the cost of their own lives. For all Victims of God men and their cults, justice will be delivered.

Missing Australian woman found murdered in Puttaparthi

I shall be ever guiding you, like the eye lid guards the eye

Nothing Happens Against My Will

There is only one God and he is Omnipresent and he is here in Puttaparthi

Why fear when I am here?

Further to my earlier post —– an event in the news below that only goes to denote the number of such atrocities on foreigners and locals – some of these come to light, many of them do not. This was a case of foreigner with some one back in her country in pursuit of the missing woman and also the embassy itself. In a populated country like India with no ID or social security number for any citizen and also in a remote village, what can come to light if someone is murdered or raped and buried in an agricultural field ?

Do not make the mistake of thinking this event happened when Sai Baba is physically gone.

He is the Ever Living Loving Lord always present – OMIPRESENT !

Aussie Woman Murdered

Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Impotence

Recently, I went out with a friend of mine for an after dinner walk and some shopping. It was about 10:00 PM.

We were walking, with me on the side of the pavement and my friend on the side of the road.

An auto rickshaw passed by hitting my friend’s right shoulder and as he moved away, came further onto the left and into him further injuring him physically.

My friend not being a local, and astonished at what happened, asked the auto driver if he was blind. Even before he realized, the auto driver, visibly drunk, stopped his vehicle, stepped out of it, and slapped my friend twice and used abusive local language. He mumbled saying if it were his mistake he would have said sorry, but it was not his mistake! There were two more of his friends in the rear of the auto who got down and supported him. A few local people started gathering around again supporting the auto driver, clearly a hard core local of that area.

My friend was furious and stared back at him almost getting physical, but realizing the strength of numbers on each side, I cautioned him and we backed off and got out of the vicinity quickly. Once back, I noticed, he had been slapped badly and his eye was injured.

My blood boiled, more so due to helplessness, since I could not do anything. A common man (mere mortal) such as me has neither access to goondas, nor wealth to the tune of billions of dollars, nor political clout to tame these elements of society.

Apart from the several hundreds of gang rapes happening all over India, in news recently was the triple murder of a Dalit family in Ahmednagar, Maharasthra state, just 60 miles south of Shirdi, the supposedly former abode of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Now how has this got to do with a blog on Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba ?

Of course it does.

Sathya Sai Baba announced that he was the Lord present in ALL beings. Refer his tape recorder type repetitions of the Gita:

aham atma gudakesha
aham adis ca madhyam ca
bhutanam anta eva ca

I am the Supersoul, O Gudakesha (Arjuna), seated in the hearts of all living entities. I am the beginning, the middle and the end of all beings.

When such is the case, what was the ever loving living Lord and protector of Dharma doing at this moment?

Sathya Sai Baba went to great tyrannical extents to crush the ego of all those who were already great souls due to their goodness, faith and devotion. He attempted to cow and tame each and every one whom he wished to use and put them to great difficulties.

The reality in the world is that even the scum of society possess a mountain of ego. What was the point of this ego drama he enacted in his entire life time? If one reflects deeply now at his teachings, one will only realize what a fool he was and also made others.

What then is the relevance and use of Sathya Sai Baba’s mere quotations in the practical world? Will a person who was indeed all-capable stand for hours on end behind a dais, pounding the lectern and claiming omniscience, and omnipotence when in reality it was a case of severe Impotence? Will such a person, not work silently to protect Dharma?

Look around you – each day, each moment will provide a hundred thousand such instances of Adharma thriving “merely due to the survival of the fittest principle”.

Be honest to yourself whether you are or are not a “Sai” devotee – you will certainly ask this question, how is it that Adharma is winning everywhere – at your workplace, on the street, in a government services organization, day in and day out, every second.

Let me declare to this world the inexplicable truth behind this Divine Leela of Lord Sai??

The ever loving living Lord Sathya Sai Baba was too obsessed with proving his own presence (or omnipresence?) In order for a section of people to run to an entity called God, there needs to be fear. How will mere mortals (per his triumphant knowledge and parlance) be aware of his presence without fear? From fear can arise devotion seeking protection (per Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s philosophy). It was using such a section of people that Sathya Sai Baba accomplished name and fame in society. He set fear in the minds of (foolish) men by using the other section comprising of goondas, rapists and murderers.

In several assurances, he mentioned to his followers that he was the one guarding and guiding everyone like the eyelid guards the eye. He also declared that he was the one who took care of each and every one, their birth, maintenance and death.

Well who then is taking care of all the so called “bad” elements of society – the murderers, rapists, terrorists, dictators, thugs and the rest? It appears these elements are being guarded and guided by himself, in order to create fear in the minds of the noble ones so they run to him for help.

Can Sri Sathya Baba’s living legacy Mr Anil Kumar or the well learned Prof G Venkataraman clarify these questions for the benefit of the confused Sairamming devotees ??


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