Divine Will

Sai Baba’s Divine Will was nothing but getting a desired outcome “no matter what the method was

All the below are verifiable facts to show the methods involved. The below list is by no means complete. There are several more thousands of such atrocities caused by Sai Baba on people without their knowledge, in order to trap people into serving him.

1. Dr Sudhir Bhaskar’s wife was killed in accident only to result in the widowed man serving Sai Baba even to this day and helping him setup the School of Business

2. G Venkataraman’s son was killed in an accident after which he became associated with Sai Baba who used G Venkataraman’s background as a scientist to substantiate his non-sensical teachings and that they were beyond Science

3. Issac Tigrett lost his parents to a divorce, his brother to a suicide and his wife to cancer (a disease Sai Baba claimed to cure) and was left with no one. Sai Baba used Tigrett’s donations to fund the entire setup for the hospital

4. Dr Charanjit Ghooi lost her son – who died (suicide?) shortly after coming in contact with Sai Baba (although Sai Baba assured him a place in his institutions and free admissions for the kids in his school). It is quite typical of people who have come in contact with Sai Baba and know Sai Baba too well to end their lives in suicide. (see the case of Jegathesan’s son below)

5. Dato Jegathesan – Sai Baba’s Malaysian man for propaganda and “Sai” evangelism, lost his wife. His son had several private interviews with Sai Baba after which he committed suicide.

6. Kasturi lost his son after which he permanently moved to Ashanti Nilayam to serve his Lord and master for his entire lifetime

Kasturi son

7. Indulal Shah lost his son Yogesh in 1965 after which he became associated with Sai Baba


Apart from the above, ALL the people who joined Sai Baba’s colleges and institutions as professors, lecturers e.t.c. have their own sorry tale to tell – untimely deaths and divorces in the families after which they join his institutions and ashram for want of a setup or place where they can live even as single parents.

All of the above was the “GodFather” style that Sai Baba used to accomplish what he wished – world fame and self glorification through the gain of money, properties and the people to work for him.

The methods used being – Conflict creation for “Divide and Rule”, Loot, Murder, Rape – all through indirect approaches. And then use a portion of the money and the compete life of the people to perform “showcaseable” social activities to win the good faith of the masses – just as politicians capture votes through bribing their way into people’s hearts by distributing gifts before an election.

Using the above approach which he termed as Divine Will, he died with the epitaph “My Life is my Message” !!!

What a paradox and a pity indeed !!

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